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I'm Harry Marah - a self taught developer

In 2020, during the midst of the pandemic and Covid lockdown, I made the decision to teach myself how to code from scratch, a skill I’d always wanted to learn.

I started with the fundamentals of HTML, CSS and JavaScript and, like many, had several moments of: ‘I’m never going to get this!’. However, with patience and perseverance, things gradually began to fall into place and I knew that programming was the career path for me.

Once I began to feel more comfortable with the concepts the three languages, I expanded my skillset. I learnt Sass to help me write more dynamic and faster CSS, and Bootstrap to help create attractive apps and websites much more quickly. For the backend, it made sense to learn node.js, and I used Express to start to build full stack applications, using MongoDB for a database.

As of February 2022, I am 18 months into my coding journey, and eager to begin the next stage of my career. Teaching myself how to code has been a huge learning curve – I now know how to problem-solve much more effectively, how to think more logically, and how to Google effectively.

I am fully aware that, as a programming professional, I will find myself at the base of another, potentially steeper learning curve. I’m excited about that! I genuinely enjoy learning and honing skills, figuring things out, and embracing new technologies, and look forward to doing so for the entirety of my career.

Currently, I’m focusing on learning React to cement myself as a MERN stack developer, and will update my portfolio website with relevant projects in due course. I also have a keen interest in Web3 and blockchain development, and am learning Solidity along with web3.js and other relevant Etherium technologies.

As of today, I have enough of an understanding of the fundamentals of building a full-stack, working application to become a successful junior developer. I pick up new concepts and ideas quickly and am a motivated self-starter, having spent the last two years successfully working autonomously. I’m a sociable people person, who works well with others, both as part of a team and in a leadership role. I’m looking for a workplace and team with whom I can flourish, within a forward-thinking organisation who is as invested in my development as I am in theirs.


Hot Desk App

A full stack app used for booking desks in a workplace, built with node and express, and using EJS templates.

Harry Marah 15th Feb 2022

More coming soon...

I'm working on further projects to demonstrate my skills, please check back soon to see what I've been working on!

Harry Marah 25th October 2021

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